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Passive Income

Passive income is like a financial superpower.  It allows you to earn money ewhile you sleep, providing financial security, and freeing up your time for what truly matters in life.

Vested Partners

We are vested partners committed to long term success, ready to invest our own capital, ensuring a shared journey of financial growth and mutual dedication to our goals.

Diligent Analysis

Our meticulous data analysis empowers our real estate investments, ensuring diligent scrutiny of numbers for sound decision-making in this market.

Energy Efficient

Our goal is to optimize energy efficiency across all our properties, reducing  operational costs while promoting sustainability and a greener future for our communities.


With every Revelocity Capital investment,  we meticulously dissect each property with precision, offering a panoramic view of its potential and investment prospects. Our objective? To cultivate a portfolio of properties that not only yield robust year-over-year returns but also appreciate in value over time. Transparency is our cornerstone, and our commitment to in-depth property analysis is your key to understanding why each investment opportunity deserves your consideration. With us, it’s not just about investing; it’s about sculpting a future where your wealth grows strategically and appreciates as gracefully as the properties in our portfolio.

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is both versatile and dynamic, encompassing a multi-tiered approach that targets class B and class C  multi-family properties in the desirable state of Minnesota. Our emphasis lies in identifying properties with inherent value-add potential and enhancing their sustainability through energy efficiency upgrades.

To maximize returns, we prioritize off-market properties, capitalizing on opportunities not readily available to others. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of long-term investments, allowing you to reap the benefits of sustained growth, or the option to take advantage of short-term gains through carefully designed off-ramps. This comprehensive strategy ensures that your investment goals align with your unique financial aspirations.

Real Estate Investment Advantages

Investing through a multifamily real estate syndication offers a multitude of compelling advantages. It provides an effective shield against the erosive effects of inflation, allowing your investment to maintain its value and grow over time. Moreover, it enables diversification from other assets like the unpredictable stock market, reducing risk and enhancing your portfolio’s stability.

Real estate syndication allows for the pooling of assets, granting investors the opportunity to participate in more substantial, lucrative projects that would otherwise be out of reach. Additionally, this investment avenue offers valuable tax breaks and the benefit of accelerated depreciation, providing potential financial advantages that can enhance your overall returns.

In essence, real estate syndication in the multifamily sector emerges as a formidable strategy, offering a combination of wealth preservation, diversification, and tax efficiency, making it a sound choice for those seeking a secure and profitable investment path.

Our Story

For more than 13 years, our journey has been intertwined within the dynamic realms of real estate brokerage, real estate investing, and mortgage lending. Throughout this remarkable partnership, we have been extremely fortunate to have continued success.

Now, our sights are set on the future, as we aspire to fortify our retirement and extend the same financial security to others by crafting a robust source of passive income. Our shared enthusiasm for green energy propels our vision forward, recognizing its potential not only to enhance our environment but also to optimize both short-term gains and long-term prosperity.

Selling to Revelocity Capital

Selling your property to Revelocity Capital is a streamlined and hassle-free process, made easy by our independence from traditional banks and lending institutions. What sets us apart is our unique Equity Retention Model, which not only do we offer, but we encourage you to consider. With this model, you have the opportunity to retain partial ownership of your property even after the sale, effectively becoming an investor in the transaction. This innovative approach provides sellers with greater flexibility and potential long-term benefits, making the entire selling experience with Revelocity Capital both convenient and financially rewarding.